Friday, February 22, 2008

Thoughts for the day

This morning I woke up and discovered a beautiful little face shining up at me. As my three month old son gazed at me with innocent eyes I was filled with wonder that God would entrust such a precious life to me. All three of my children are such a blessing to me, and I have to remind myself amidst the chaos and busyness of life that they are precious and of a greater value than anything I have pursued or earned in and of my own merit.

My thoughts lately have been scattered here and there between the joys of our beautiful family to the disappointments of people in general. So many people in this world are quick to speak and commit to things that they are unwilling to follow through on. I have been crushed over the last month by people in business taking advantage of where we are at to get where they want to be. I have been angered by the greediness of getting ahead at other people's expense, and I have been hurt by the lack of follow through by people who gave me hope and then threw it all away because they were not really committed to the deal in the first place.

All in all I know that it will make me a better person because I will never destroy hurting people to get ahead and I will never commit to a project that I cannot carry through on. I hope to instill in my children values which demonstrate that people ALWAYS come before profits, and that their word is their bond.

There is such a lack of morality in the world today, and I hope that our little family and extended family too, will make a mark on the world which shows others how to be decent and kind to each other. I hope that the way we live our lives every day will encourage others to be better people who live lives of integrity, and I hope that when I fail and make mistakes that others will be gracious and forgiving to me, cause I will fail (Lord knows I fail daily) but when I do, may it never be an intentional and malicious attempt to get ahead, but an life time commitment to succeed through the success of others, always living by the example Christ set forth to be honest and generous thinking of others before myself.